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classic facials

Relax, revive and restore skins balance by indulging in a beautiful facial. An excellent gift idea for those who need some "ME" time...

Here at Equipoise Spa we begin with a 10 minute skin consultation, this is to ensure our facials are customised to meet your skins needs. We use what we believe to be the best skin care products to cater for all skin types and concerns. When booking an appointment, please specify what skin care range you would prefer, otherwise our trained therapists can guide you to the correct skin care range during your consultation.

skin consultation - 30 min $59.00
Our skin care specialists use their knowledge to help bring out your best skin ever. With a full prescription of home care products and a treatment plan tailored to your life style, we will help you achieve your skin care goals.
*Free with skincare purchase
40 min customised facial - 40 min $104.00
A little taste of luxury to fit any busy schedule. This will leave your skin restored and balanced. Includes decolletage and scalp massage
60 min customised facial - 60 min $140.00
Melt away and relax while we bring back your skins radiance. Includes extra face, decollete and shoulder massage to ensure deep relaxation. Here at Equipoise Spa we know that all skin is unique, therefore we tailor our one hour facial to your skins needs. From fighting acne, to an anti-ageing facial, we aim to give your skin the best treatment, creating ideal results
men's 60 minute facial - 60 min $140.00
A great facial to ease everyday tension. We give a deep cleanse to help with blocked pores and revitalise dull stressed skin
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Our Ultra-Active skincare range contains effective concentrations of active ingredients and is specialised for those who want results.
*For a 30, 40 or 60 minute customised Ultraceuticals facial please refer to classic facials

Vitabrasion - 40 min $115.00
A fine diamond encrusted wand is moved under light suction, unblocking pores as it vacuums away dead skin cells. Effective for sun damage, acne scarring, blackheads/blemishes/open pores or uneven skin texture, while stimulating collagen and elastin production. Achieve premium results with a course of several treatments or in conjunction with vitafusion. Also able to be incorporated into full facials at a surcharge.
Peel Treatments - 30 - 50 min
Ultraceuticals peels use the most advanced ingredients to give highly effective results to target a wide variety of skin concerns. Your Ultraceuticals Skin Therapist will carry out a full skin consultation and choose from: Lactic, Mandelic, Brightening Mask or A-Zyme peeling treatment to target your skin concerns.

Prices range from $140 - $180
Vitafusion - 50 min $95.00
Vitafusion application causes small spaces to open between skin cells. This results in an increased penetration (1000%) of vitamins applied to the skin under ultrasound.
Please see pre - paid options for any pre paid Ultraceuticals treatments
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DermaQuest skin therapy offers professional skincare products which have been designed to go beyond relaxation and spa treatments. DermaQuest products can move skin more quickly towards visible improvement through professional treatments and customised homecare solutions. The range is formulated using the highest percentage of quality ingredients and most advanced technologies, enabling you to achieve superior results treating a broad range of skin conditions.
*For a 30, 40 or 60 minute customised DermaQuest facial please refer to Classic facials

resurfacing peel treatment - 30 - 40 min
DermaQuest Skin Resurfacers are designed to smooth and brighten the skin, lightening pigmentation, promoting collagen production and treating, breakouts; all while aiming to achieve maximum skin health. Packed full of a combination of AHAs, Antioxidants, Peptides and Stem Cells, these resurfacers will never disappointment.
After your consultation, your skin specialist will help you decide which treatment is best for you. From Glycolic with Stem cells, Alpha Peptide, Pumpkin or MangoBrite, there is something for every skin concern.

Prices are between $140 - $150
microhydrabrasion - 50 min $140.00
The technology uses a dual system combining a Microdermabrasion treatment and a water Microdermabrasion to give you the cleanest and smoothest skin possible. The first phase of the treatment uses diamond technology to gently "buff" away dead skin cells which are simultaneously vacuumed away as well as dislodging and lifting impurities from the skin. Then the second phase of treatment continues onto the Microhydrabrasion which is an advanced skin cleaning system still using the diamond technology with high pressure water to exfoliate and deeply wash out the pores and follicles. It is also extremely cooling, hydrating and soothing to the skin making it excellent for all skin types including dry and sensitive skins. This is effective for sun damage, acne scarring, blackheads, blemishes, open pores or uneven skin texture, while stimulating collagen and elastin production
hydra firming treatment with peel - 50 min $259.00
An advanced treatment incorporating 3 advanced exfoliating, anti-ageing and regenerating technologies to help increase cell turnover to rejuvenate the skin, reduce inflammation, stimulate collagen production, hydrate, clean and lift and firm your skin. This facial includes Microhydrabrasion treatment, customised resurfacing peel and a firming enzyme treatment mask all packed into 50 minutes. Your skin will love you!
Treatment without resurfacing peel $189.00
Please see pre - paid options for any pre paid DermaQuest treatments
dermaroller - 130 min $600.00
Significantly improving the appearance of facial and décolleté lines and wrinkles, sun damaged and ageing skin, acne scars and stretch marks has never been easier thanks to the innovative and award-winning non-surgical skin regeneration procedure Genuine Dermaroller™ Therapy™.
Genuine Dermaroller™ Therapy™ provides advanced micro-medical skin-needling, a procedure that stimulates the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally and safely, creating smoother, brighter, healthier, younger-looking skin.
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omnilux light therapy - 40 min $130.00
Equipoise Spa is delighted to offer the Omnilux medical light to our clients. This is cutting edge technology that works with the body's own natural processes to counteract the effects of ageing. It stimulates collagen production along with plumping and hydrating. You should experience a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing during and after the treatment, with no downtime.
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facial add-ons

brow shape $25
brow tint $25
lash tint $25
mineral make-up application* 10 min free
hot cocooil scalp massage $26
back massage* 20 min $35
blackhead or mila extractions* 10-20 min $31
microdermabrasion* $85
sonophoresis* $85
omnilux* 20 min $85
*Please advise when making your booking as these treatments need extra time or a product set up.

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dr hauschka

Designed to support and encourage the harmonious function of the skin through organic and biodynamic harvesting of plants with a strong homeopathic background. Dr Hauschka skin care allows the medicinal properties of plants, herbs and flowers to realign the natural balance of your skin.

Dr Hauschka cleansing facial - 60 min $140.00
Reveal your radiance with this deep cleansing treatment. First, a warm sage foot bath draws energy and stress away from the head. The skin is relaxed and prepared for cleansing with warm aromatherapy compresses. Herb-infused steam softens pores, enabling the Cleansing Clay Mask to absorb excess oil. Gentle hand and brush strokes stimulate lymph movement bringing an cleansing impulse to the skin. Your skin feels fresh, clean and radiant

Dr Hauschka relaxation facial - 60 min $140.00
Relaxation begins with a warm sage foot bath and moisturising treatment for the legs, feet, arms and hands. The face is cleansed following warm aromatherapy compresses. Gentle, rhythmical hand and brush strokes stimulate the movement of lymph. Next, your esthetician applies a nourishing mask specific to your skin condition followed by a décolleté massage. Stress and tension melt away, and you leave with renewed energy and a radiant complexion
Dr Hauschka Classic Treatment - 90 min $160.00
The Classic Treatment begins with deep relaxation: a warm sage foot bath and gentle stretching movements for the neck, arms and hands. Lavender-infused compresses introduce you to a holistic facial that includes two mask treatments to nourish, nurture and renew. Soft brushes are used to stimulate the skin's natural balancing and regenerative impulses. The result is a radiant complexion and a remarkable feeling of lightness and inner balance. This is an ideal treatment if you are seeking true relaxation and visible transformation
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